Homologated vehicles

  • 2 persons + cargo (13)
  • N.Car (11)
  • 4xx series (2)
  • Golf (1)
  • short (3)
  • medium (5)
  • long (5)
  • 150 - 250 kg (3)
  • 360 - 475 kg (1)
  • 480 - 1000 kg (8)

Model description


2 persons + cargo 560 kg

Modern electric vehicle with cargo size up to  560 kg. One of the strongest vehicles of N.Car line. With many cargo box equipped with plane and removable nettings it can be used for almost each branch.  Drive system consist of energy saving, maintenance free 5.0kW AC motor. Typical set of 8 batteries allows to cover distance of 80 km per one charging. For a bigger distance, 72V installation can be applied to drive up to 130 km with one charging.

Photos of model 395 are examplary ones and equipment differs for homologated versions.

Homologation- L7e-CU- MWRE8A- model 48V

Standard equipment:
- motor 5.0 kW AC;

- 8 pcs of batteries T-145 with capacity 260 Ah in loading cycle 20 h;
- battery charger 48V 'on- board' with DEFA socket;
- galvanized frame;
- AL cargo with loading capacity of 560 kg, 3-sides foldable (1750x1240x250 mm);
- body of laminate, available in mix of 2 colors of RAL palette;
- full light installation;
- system of integrated indicators LCD (battery discharge indicator; speedometer; mileage [km]; distance to go);
- gear ratio 20:1 (or 16:1);
- front suspension: double A-frame with springs;

- hydraulic brakes;
- cross braking system;
- absorbtion mate (against electrolyte leakage);
- 3- point seat belts;
- top;
- glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- closed gloves compartment under dashboard;
- front/rear register plate;
- handles under cargo to fix seat belts;

- wheels 165R13C;
- wheels covers;
- slow/fast run switch (Hare/Tortoise);
- 12V socket in dashboard;
- rear LED lamps;
- seats and bolsters black.

towing hook;
- pearl layer;

- roof rails (rellings);
- profiled seats 4XX style;
- plane for cargo (removable);
- removable nettings for cargo;
- installation for radio/loudspeakers/antenne.

Attention: homologated models without front bumper. There is homologation for version with installation 72V, 6.0 k AC

Additional available options:

Towing hooks

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