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  • 5xx/8xx/9xx series (8)
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Model description


4- persons

Melex 433 is the smallest passenger model of new 4xx line intended to move outside the public roads. It is distinguished by completely changed design, which on one hand is reference to tradition and first brand vehicles, on the other hand emphasizes modern and universal nature of vehicle. New multi- frame suspension significantly improves comfort of ride, as well as meneuverability of vehicles. Melex 433 can also be equipped with optional front acrylic windshield and top. 

Standard equipment: 
- body in white color RAL 9016;
- seats one color flat (to be chosen grey, beige, red, blue or dark or light green);
- motor 3.3 kW AC;
- gear ratio 16:1;
- wheels 18,5 x 8,5-8;
- 6 pcs of 8V batteries (170Ah/C20);
- galvanized frame;
- battery charger 'off- board' 48V;
- battery discharge indicator;
- front suspension: double A-frame with springs;
- rear suspension: leaf spring;
- mechanical brakes;
- hill brake;
- no light installation.

motor 5.0 kW AC (gear ratio 20:1);
- top with acrylic windshield;
- wheel covers 10" (5-arm);
- wheel covers 10" (spokes);
- AL rims for wheels 205/50-10';
- system of water refilling in batteries 48V;
- closed gloves compartment below dashboard;
- wheels 205/50-10;
- battery charger 'on- board' 48V with DEFA socket;
- optional color of body of RAL palette;
- optional color of top;
- top with acrylic windshield.

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