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Model description

563 XTR

4 persons

The smallest off-road, XTR line vehicle. Raised suspension allows vehicle to move in difficult areas. A firm bumper protects front of the vehicle. Thanks to full set of lights, the vehicle can be used on public roads.

Standard equipment:
- motor 5.0 kW AC;
- 8 pcs of batteries T-125 with capacity 240Ah in loading cycle 20h;
- battery charger 48V HF (instead of transforming);
- galvanized frame;
- body ABS plastic made in thermoforming system, available in 2 different colors: white RAL 9016 and green RAL 6005;
- seats available in 3 different colors: beige, blue or grey;
- system of integrated indicators LCD (battery discharge indicator; speedometer; mileage [km]; distance to go);
- gear ratio 20:1;
- 3-point seat belts;
- hydraulic brakes;
- tubular stainless steel front bumper;
- wheels 20,5 x 8-10 - high suspension;
- vehicle with full light installation.

- plastic top 80" white;
- acrylic windshield or glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- gear ratio 16:1;
- towing hook;
- weather enclosure;
- system of refilling water in batteries 48V;
- different color of RAL palette of body;
- different color of top;
- rear foldable seat/platform;
- batteries T-145 with capacity 260Ah in loading cycle 20h.

Additional available options:

Cabins and tops
Towing hooks

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