Special vehicles

  • 2 persons + cargo (7)
  • 4 persons (1)
  • 5 persons (1)
  • 5xx/8xx/9xx series (3)
  • N.Car (3)
  • 4xx series (4)
  • Hearse (3)
  • Golf (2)
  • Ambulance (2)
  • short (4)
  • medium (1)
  • long (5)

Model description


3 persons ambulance + stretchers

Bigger version of ambulance type. It has got 3 seats for medical staff and patient on stretchers. Perfectly works not only for hospitals but also for sport centers, proves itself also during big commercial events. Electric drive and quite small size allows to easily get patients in and out of the buildings.

Equipment- model 48V:
- motor 5.0 kW AC;
- 8 pcs of batteries T-125 with capacity 240Ah in loading cycle 20h;
- battery charger 48V HF (instead of transforming);
- galvanized frame;
- plastic body ABS available in color white RAL 9016;
- seats in 3 colors: beige, blue or grey;
- vehicle with full light instalation;
- system of integrated indicators LCD (battery discharge indicator; speedometer; mileage [km]; distance to go);
- gear ratio 20:1;
- hydraulic brakes;
- wheels 18,5 x 8,5-8;
- stretcher.

- system of water refilling in batteries 48V;
- top 110" white;
- acryl or glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- batteries T-145 with capacity 260Ah in loading cycle 20h;
- different color of RAL palette of body;
- differnt color of top;
- hub caps for wheels 18,5 x 8,5-8;
- warning lamp (orange rotating or stroboscope lamp);
- weather enclosure.

Additional available options:

Cabins and tops

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