International Championship of Professional Drivers UICR in Krakow, Poland.


On days the 25-27th September 2014 on area of Aviation Museum in Krakow, Poland were held the 29-th International Professional Drivers Championship UICR 2014 Poland, which were organized by Stowarzyszenie Klub Polskiego Trakera with headquarter in Niepolomice, Poland. One of partners of given event was Melex Ltd.
The Championship promote economic and ecologic riding, save transport of people and goods, constant upgrading the skills of professional drivers. Every two years representatives from different countries- members of UICR are fighting for title in categories: truck  12- and 7,5 tons; bus; set of tractor and semitrailer and pick up.  Polish team defended the title of master in Eco-Driving that won two years ago.

Glamorous opening gala of Championship took place on Thursday evening in the Royal Castle of Niepolomice. After short welcoming in torches luminance, the representatives from different countries marched through the castle's courtyard. During the elegant supper the participants could share their impressions and memories of previous editions of Championship.  The evening was ended with spectacular show- fights of the medival knights. Already at 6.30 A.M. next day the competition started.  As the first were riding the Polish team, representatives of host country. The competition lasted for two days- 26-27th September 2014. 
The results you can find of official Web Site of Stowarzyszenie Klub Polskiego Trakera as follows:

Company Melex Ltd. as one of the patners of given event organized competition by the title 'the Stewart Trial'. Participant should ride in the shortest time on the racetrack between the bollards with special plate with ball. Ball couldn't fall down.   Additional stymie was steering wheel on the right side in model destinated for post offices. Because of 72 V installation, the vehicle could drive for the very long distance- over 100 km. The best results gained Polish team representatives. Model 366 Melex N.Car 6-persons carried comfortable way the participants to Aviation Museum which was over few hundred meters from competition trace. Melex Ltd. presented also new model 385 N.Car with Lithium - Ionen batteries. At present this new technical solution is tested by Melex Technical Department. When the results will be positive, LICUBE batteries will join the reach  Melex offer for good. 

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