Melex at ELMIA Park


Our Swedish dealer, the company AB Nomaco, took part in the most important fairs of green areas in Sweden - Elmia Park 2015. From 22 to 24 September at a joint stand with the company Svenningsens Maskin AB on the exhibition grounds in Jönköping rich palette of Melex vehicle models in the series N.Car and 4xx was presented. For the first time in Sweden we have presented our new vehicle Melex Golf 427 and model 391 N.Car with specialist construction for the transport of garbage, which also was equipped with a set of lithium-ion batteries developed specifically for our company. 392 models with 72V system offering the range of more than 100 km on a single charge and 445 and 465 representing the newest line of Melex vehicles complement the range. Representatives of our company also took part in the trade show.

Elmia Park this year brought together 160 exhibitors and more than 11 000 visitors. There were presented machinery and equipment for maintaining green spaces, but also furniture, plants, irrigation systems and a variety of services. The fair is organized every two years since 1991.


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