Melex is the Eagle of Export


Melex was declared one of the leading export companies in the Podkarpackie region. The daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita awarded Polish electric vehicle manufacturer The Eagle of Export awards in two categories: export product and the best debut in exports.

Awards were granted in the categories: best exporter, the most dynamic exporter, the best debut in export, the export product and the personality of exports. The editor-in-chief of Rzeczpospolita handed them during a conference TOP10 - The most promising markets for Polish exports. In two categories Polish manufacturer of electric vehicles, the company Melex Sp. z oo, he was awarded the Eagle of Export of Sub-Carpathian Region. The jury appreciated the offer by MELEX products in foreign markets, and awarded introduced this year new vehicle line 4xx, recognizing it as the best debut in exports.

Electric vehicles produced in Mielec are shipped to markets around the world from Australia, across Europe, to Argentina. Every year, more than half of the production is exported. Currently, the main markets are the Nordic countries and Italy.

Sub-Carpathian edition of the Eagles of Export and organized parallel conference is primarily a forum for the exchange of experiences. During the event topics related to foreign trade for Polish companies were discussed. During the conference Melex financial director Dariusz Gujda, presented history of the company and a model of cooperation with foreign partners. He remarked that the history of Polish brand of electric vehicles began precisely on exports to the United States. The honorary patronage over the event took: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Employers of Poland.


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