Melex tests on route to Morskie Oko


Melex Ltd. and Eko Trip company together with authorities of Tatra National Park have provided Melex 366 N.Car to cabbies working on route to Morskie Oko Lake. It is one of most frequently visited routes in Polish mountains. It is 8 km long and it leads to one of five most beautiful lakes in the world, situated 1395 m above the sea level – the Morskie Oko Lake. In summer season this place is visited by thousands of tourists each day. The record that was broken few days ago is more than 13 000 people walking this route during single day.

The vehicle was tested on this route since July by representatives of Eko Trip company. First test drives from Palenica Bialczanska to shelter near Morskie Oko showed that Melex easily passes 8-kilometer route where the difference of heights reach more than 400 m. The vehicle was driven with full load of 6 persons. On following test drives it carried extra load to simulate 8-passenger  vehicle which shall be offered to cabbies.

During tests Eko Trip representatives drove Melex also to Gubalowka, Zakopane, Kuznice and Zab village. Melex reached easily each of those places gaining interest of tourists.

After first phase of tests authorities of Tatra National Park decided to provide Melex vehicle to cabbies, who will test Melex during every day work. If the test end positively, electric vehicles will be introduced as alternative way of transporting tourist on route to Morskie Oko Lake.

Already first test drives of official tests have proven that fully loaded Melex batteries let it drive whole route back and forth three times. After that Eko Trip representatives changed batteries in especially prepared base and provided vehicle for further tests. Whole operation took about 20 minutes.

Many tourists respond enthusiastically to Melex arrival to most popular touristic route in Tatra Mountains. Melex doesn’t pollute and it drives quietly so it doesn’t disturb people walking on this route.

Journalists of all main polish media were very interested in Melex trial and this subject was very broadly commented. Tests will end on 6th September and if they will be successful, Melex vehicles will permanently appear on route to Morskie Oko.


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