New MELEX 427 golf model presented!


Polish manufacturer of electric vehicles, the company Melex, officially unveiled a new golf model. Melex 427 although it is a completely new design, it is also a kind of return the company to its roots. The first vehicles produced here were sent to golf courses, and although today Melex offers more than 100 different vehicle models, it is in the minds of many people still associated with golf carts.

Models 427 and 447 join  presented at the end of last year Melex 4xx family of vehicles. They are lightweight electric vehicles built in order to improve comfort and functionality. They are distinguished by original design and a completely new construction of the suspension.

Melex 427 is a basic golf cart model and it doesn’t have lighting system. It is designed to move only around the golf courses area. It has a completely new design of the front mask. Sharp edges emphasize the modern character of the vehicle, while clearly sculpted design improves dynamics. In the rear part of the vehicle there is not only a place for golf bags, but also a rich set of optional accessories.

Modern suspension using double A-frame and springs have been tuned in a way that guaranties the highest level of comfort when driving on grass. The electric motor is controlled by an electronic system, so the MELEX parameters can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of a particular golf course. It is very important for facilities located in mountainous areas.

In parallel with the model 427, the version equipped with full lighting, seat belts and classic handbrake entered the market. Melex 447 golf is a vehicle that can travel not only on the golf course, but also on public roads. It is a response to the growing demand on foreign markets for vehicles, which can be used to drive comfortably from a nearby hotel or private residence to the golf course.

The official premiere of MELEX 427 was held on 25th April 2015 at the Dutch fair trade Amsterdam Golf Show.


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