New Melex model on trades Smart Mobility Expo in Gdansk, Poland.


On  days 11 - 13th September 2014 during trades Smart Mobility Expo in Gdansk, Poland was hold premiere show of new Melex model, marked with symbol 4XX, announcing the next new line of electric vehicles, which combines together the tradition and modernity.
Big round lights refer to first models produced in Mielec, Poland factory in 1971, on the other hand below given energy saving LED lamps have three funcions of day and position lights, as well as turning signals.   
Noticeable pressing of the mask, body in two contrast colors and colorful accents of front lights garnishing, lines above rear fenders, covers of roof and seat belts frame constructions, elements of dashboard and closed glove compartment make look of vehicle very attractive. Melex clients can choose any color of rich RAL palette for the body, as well as for the above mentioned elements. 
Comfort of ride make not only front suspension of automotive type- double A-frame with springs but also comfortable and ergonomic seats equipped with two- colors upholstering
One of most importants values of new model is smal turn radius, vehicle is not just easy to operate but also agile.
In drive we applied AC motors 3.3 kW and 5.0 kW, as well, which successfuly work in N.Cars - one of the newest line of Melex electric vehicles. Such the sets let vehicles run with a big load, even climbling on bigger beacons.  Requirement of electric energy is lower what lets riding with one loading of batteries for distance of even 80 km. 
Serial production of 4XX line starts current year yet.


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