1) Model 381 72V N.Car  (body yellow color RAL 1032):

- motor 6.0 kW AC;

- gear ratio 20:1;

- 12 pcs- batteries T-145 (260Ah/C20);

- battery charger 72V;

- right side steering wheel;

- right side sliding doors;

- rear tubular bumper;

- container made of sandwich plate – rear side shutter doors (1150x1150x1100mm)

Warranty: vehicle and batteries 6 miesięcy.

Year of production: 2016

Net price: 10 800 EUR

2) Model 382 N.City prototype (body white RAL 9016/black RAL 9005 pearl):

- motor 8.0 kW AC;

- gear ratio 16:1;

- Li-Ion batteries;

- battery charger on-board.

Warranty: vehicle 12 months, batteries 36 months (policy).

Year of production: 2017

Net price: 17 000 EUR.

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