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Model description



Model 427 is the latest generation of golf vehicles constucted to improve comfort and functionality. It is distinguished by original design and completely different suspension constuction. 

Melex 427 is the basic golf model not equipped with light instalation. It is designed to move only on area of golf courses. There was applied completely new design of front mask. Sharf edges emphasize modern character of vehicle, while clear embossing give the style dynamics. Dashboard was additionally equipped with practical holders for beverages cups, golf balls and other golf accessories. In the rear side of vehicle there are situated not only golf bags holders but also rich set of optional accessories like small fridge for beverages, golf balls- and clubs washer device, or special sand bottle. On the list of optional accessories is also popular among the golfers front folding acrylic windshield. 

Modern suspension uses double A-frame with springs and have been tuned in such a manner to ensure the highest comfort during the ride on grassy surfaces. The electric motor is controlled by the electronic system, so that the MELEX parameters can be matched to the particular golf course requirements. This is very important in case of objects located on hilly areas. 

Standard equipment:
- body in white color RAL 9016 or green RAL 6005;
- beige seats (or mix of 2 colors: grey- light or dark green; -orange; -red; -blue);
- motor 3.3 kW AC;
- gear ratio 16:1;
- wheels 205/50-10 or 18,5 x 8,5-8;
- 6 pcs of batteries 8V of capacity 170Ah in loading cycle 20 h;
- galvanized frame;
- battery charger 48V HF (instead of transforming);
- top;
- acrylic windshield;
- golf bags holder;
- message holder;
- mechanical brakes;
- hill brake;
- no light installation.

motor 5.0 kW AC (gear ratio 20:1);
- system of water refilling in batteries 48V;
- folding acrylic windshield;
- beverage container;
- golf balls washer;
- sand bottle;
- AL rims for wheels 205/50-10;
- wheel covers 10" (5-arm);
- wheel covers 10" (spokes);
- fabric (eco leather) covers for rollbar;

Additional available options:

Niedostępne w pojazdach homologowanych

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