Special vehicles

  • 2 persons + cargo (5)
  • 4 persons (1)
  • 5 persons (1)
  • N.Car (3)
  • 4xx series (4)
  • Hearse (2)
  • Golf (2)
  • short (3)
  • medium (1)
  • long (3)

Model description



The latest model of electric hearse from Melex. It is distinguished by a completely revised design. On the one hand, referring to the first models of Melex, the other emphasizing the modernity of applied solutions. Multilink suspension significantly improves comfort and maneuverability. Completely changed the shape of the rear underlines the solidity of the whole structure and gives it a modern and original look.

Standard equipment:
- color of vehicle to be chosen of RAL palette;
- motor 5.0 kW AC;

- gear ratio 20:1;
- wheels 20,5 x 8-10 or 195/55R10;
- batteries T-125 with capacity 240 Ah in loading cycle 20 h;
- battery charger 48V HF (instead of transforming);
- system of integrated indicators LCD (battery discharge indicator; speedometer; mileage [km]; distance to go);
- slow/fast run switch (Hare/Tortoise);
- 12V socket in dashboard;
- closed gloves compartment;
- 3-point seat belts;
- hydraulic drum brakes;
- double A-frame with springs;
- top;
- glass windshield with wiper and washer;
- full light installation;
- galvanized frame;
- stainless steel floor;
- platform for carrying the coffin;
- hooks for wreaths;
- hub caps for wheels;
- color of body of RAL palette;
- LED rear lamps;
- profiled seats in black or grey-black (could be chosen different- ask in Sales Dept.).

- system of water refilling in batteries 48V;
- installation for radio/ loudspeakers/ antenne;
- battery charger 'on- board' 48V with DEFA socket;
- bars on top protecting wreaths and anti-slide floor on top;
- holder below top for carring the cross;
- compartment in rear side below platform to carry the lines;
- sliding platform with 'orange peel' effect;
- batteries T-145 with power 260 Ah in loading cycle 20h.

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