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In 1971 Melex began mass production of electric vehicles as the newly created department of aircraft factory WSK- PZL Mielec. For more than 40 years Melex basic profile is production of electric vehicles. Initially, main market was the United States. Over time, our vehicles were noticed and appreciated throughout the world and Melex brand has become synonymous of the highest quality products and modern technology solutions.

The primary goal of the company is customer satisfaction. We offer environmentally friendly, ecological, and first of all, safe and comfortable vehicles. Therefore, we focus on continuous development, adjusting production profile to the constantly changing needs of the market.

The effect of over 40 year Melex activity is wide range of electric vehicles divided into three main categories: passenger, cargo and special .The strength of our production is so-called customizing, which adapts vehicles to special wishes of customers.

Another important issue which puts Melex company among the best manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world is application of SepEx, an energy regeneration system , which clearly improves the operating value of our vehicles and increases their range .

An important element is also an efficient distribution network and competent servicing.

We make every effort to ensure that our vehicles meet your expectations and are used for a very long of uninterrupted time, where maintenance doesn’t cause any problems.
Enjoy driving Melex vehicles or join soon list of satisfied clients.

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