Melex at Silesia Business and Golf Cup


Last Saturday, 25th June, in Siemianowice Slaskie, the final of Silesia Business and Goal Cup was held. Melex was a partner of this year's event, which brought together more than 90 players from Poland, as well as a number of guests from abroad.

On the occasion of the tournament, our company organized a presentation of electric vehicles. Players had the opportunity to see the new golf model 427. The vehicle attracted considerable interest. During test drives golfers appreciated most of all comfort suspension, which is thanks to the new multi-A-frame suspension.

In addition, the latest 464 model was also presented with a set of lithium-ion batteries.

Silesia Business and Golf Cup is one of the most popular golf cups in Poland. This year 6th edition will be held. The unique character of the event draws to golf courses not only Polish golf players but TV and cinema celebrities as well. The final was attended by Jerzy Dudek, Mariusz Czerkawski and Krzysztof Materna. During the event there was also a jubilee concert of band Feel, celebrating this year its 10th anniversary.


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