Melex 4xx


We are proud to inform about our totally new model line of electric vehicles. As the one of world oldest electric vehicles manufactures we decided to focus on best features of our vehicles and add completely new technology to increase comfort and agility of our vehicle. This is how our new 4xx model line came out.

New design connects modern solutions and  tradition. LED lights work as daylights, position lights and turning indicators. Right above them you can see big round lights inspired by those mounted in first Melex vehicles. Two-color painting makes new model even more interesting and underlines unique design of 4xx. Moreover you can choose composition from wide palette of colors. For the first time we offer also two-color seats that not only look good but also are very comfortable.

Melex 445 looks good from all sides.

(Click and pull to the left or right side to rotate the vehicle)

On a dashboard you will find new, big, closed compartment and place for radio and speakers. Optional integrated display comes with new bigger central panel which can also be painted. A new cup holder is placed just next to hand brake level. All this makes our vehicle very ergonomic and easy to use.

Our new model has not only new styling but also completely new technology. Double A-frame front suspension makes using of our vehicle more comfortable and gives more dumping control. Moreover with this suspension we achieved an external turning radius of our prototype equal to 2,8 m and we are still working to make it even smaller in a production version.

(Click and pull to the left or right side to rotate the vehicle)

To make the new 4xx as agile as possible we took great care about its compact dimensions. The shortest version of our vehicle (without cargo box) is 2420 mm long, 1200 mm wide and 1740 mm high. It is not only important during driving our vehicle but also during its transport.

We have officially presented our new model on Smart Mobility Expo in Gdansk, Poland in mid of September. For all details please contact our trade department at or your local dealer.

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